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The Atlas Process

What happens when a person walks through the door at an ATLAS For Life office?

The person who is hurting is treated warmly and is encouraged to feel welcome. Then an assessment of need is made – emotional, financial, spiritual, etc. This is done in a confidential one-on-one manner with an experienced staff mentor

What’s next?

A plan of action is determined by the staff mentor and the client.

The following are options for helping clients

  • Listening and encouraging the client on a weekly (or as needed) basis. (Mentoring and/or Life Coaching)
  • Providing the client resources or information that meets needs
  • Referring the client to professional services as needed
  • Sharing Biblical principals with the client as the way to life and lasting change
  • Putting the client in connection with a local church if desired
  • Praying with and for the client
  • Providing the client with a connection with a local community mentor