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Greetings to you and may God's peace be with you!

When I take stock of how I am doing, I consider all the blessings that have been given to me. Knowing how I am blessed somehow eases any troubles that I may have. In the springtime, my mind wanders and considers the possibilities for the future.

In Spring, I think many people think of newness or a restart of something. It’s no different at ATLAS. We have started the Second Mile Bicycle Ministry once again, and we are ramping up for the 2024 season. Men and women have benefitted from our repairing of bicycles, and also from receiving like-new bicycles for getting around town. To some, having a working vehicle is a financial strain and we provide an alternative to walking everywhere. ATLAS is still looking for one more volunteer to work in the bicycle shop. This person should have some mechanical ability, but we would teach them the finer points of bicycle repair. Please come into the ATLAS office if you would like to volunteer for our bicycle ministry. Second Mile Bicycles helps others by receiving donated bicycles into our care. Please consider donating your used bicycles to ATLAS when upgrading or just getting rid of your old ride.

Again this year, Second Mile Bicycle will participate in the Optimist Club Bike Rodeo on May 18 at the Ice Arena parking lot. We will also be at the Tour de Loop on May 30 at the Trailhead on east Main Street. 

 Another upcoming event is the Master Gardeners plant sale held at 101 W. Maple Street (our ATLAS west parking lot) on May 18. Come out and shop for your spring plant needs.

At Redeemed Remnants, the ATLAS thrift store, we have jumped into spring by filling our vacant manager position. Our new store manager, Amy Kruger, is a wonderful addition to our staff and she brings much experience to her position. Many items are now being posted on the Redeemed Remnants Facebook page showcasing specialty items and upcoming sales. We big thank you to all of you who support the various ministries of ATLAS by donating to our store. We strive to make your experience with us a positive one.

ATLAS of Rock County helps people with financial, emotional, and spiritual problems in their lives. We don’t advertise or charge for our services, and we don’t tell others about what we do for people who come to us. Due to our high level of confidentiality, the work that we do here would not happen if that level of confidence was broken. 

Because of our limited exposure in the community, many people wonder what exactly takes place in our office. The answer can be found in the three principles of ATLAS:

 1.   Help the Hurting

2.   Equipping the Saints

3.   Uniting the Community

Each ATLAS office has these three principles at the forefront of what they do. The ways in which these principles are carried out may vary slightly, but this is truly the reason why ATLAS exists at all.

Mentoring is also a large part of helping people at ATLAS. Our mentors walk alongside someone through different types of life events. Many people have no one who is there for them. Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to take the time to listen. When someone comes through our ATLAS office door, our focus is on them. We are never too busy to help people in need. Making an appointment with us in advance is much appreciated because that helps us to better serve you. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at 507-449-5777.

Did you know that ATLAS has a community room that can be rented at a modest price for your next event? We have room for 60 people inside and a parking lot to accommodate your guests. Included in the pricing are the use of chairs and tables, restroom, kitchen, power-point projector and screen, and a serving table. Please contact ATLAS at 507-449-5777 for pricing and availability.

 In closing, I truly feel that what ATLAS does in the community is vital, worthwhile, and advantageous for many. We are a small faith-based non-profit organization that is totally run by your support. Please consider us in your giving to keep the future of ATLAS bright in Rock County.

-Michael Blank, Director

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